East Angel Tennis News - Update

Good Morning Everyone,

There is a small change to the schedule. My school function for Thursday was changed so practice will be from 4:00 - 5:30 every day this week.
The link to pay for uniforms is up: https://www.angeltennis.com/product/team-uniform/ Please do that ASAP!!!
We also have a great need for tennis balls, so we have a general donation link: https://www.angeltennis.com/product/donate-east-angels-boys-tennis-team/
as well as a link to donate a case of balls: https://www.angeltennis.com/product/case-tennis-balls/
I will send out a weekly schedule, but just so you know, V2 has 2 matches next week (8/25 and 8/27), and V1 matches will begin the following week. We will announce rosters in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to a fun season!

Coach Zappia