East Angel Tennis News - Update

Good evening everyone,

We have had a fantastic week of tryouts thus far! The coaching staff is incredibly impressed with the incredible talent that our program has, and very disappointed that we have to cut our roster down to 25 this year. As I have said before, if your son does not make our roster please check out opportunities at Denver Tennis Park and Gates Tennis Center, as both facilities have very good junior programming opportunities!

I originally planned to hold Zoom calls on Saturday morning to let the athletes know if they made the team or not. However, the challenges with scheduling those and the feasibility of it are not realistic. I also want to let the athletes know as soon as possible and not wait until Saturday. With that being said, I will be having individual meetings with all borderline athletes tomorrow at the end of their session. At this time I will let them know if they made the team.

For those who make the team, practice will begin next Monday!
Monday: 4-5:30
Tuesday: 4-5:30
Wednesday: 4-5:30
Thursday: 3-4:30 (note time change)
Friday: 4-5:30

Uniforms will consist of 2 NIKE shirts and 2 NIKE shorts. They will cost $150 total and are the athlete's uniform to keep and hopefully re-use next year. We will have a link to pay for the uniforms on our website in the coming days. I will pass that information along to the athletes who make the team.

Thank you so much for your support. We are looking forward to an amazing season!


- Coach Zappia