East Angel Tennis News - Update

Hi Everyone,

I am very sorry that there has not been a lot of communication. I have been patiently waiting for DPS to approve tennis to move forward, and I continue to wait. Unfortunately, if DPS does approve tennis, our rosters will be capped at 25, which means that we will not field a JV team and will only have a Varsity 1 and Varsity 2 team. I am very sorry about this, as I am a huge proponent of high school tennis being a no-cut sport. I also found out that even during tryouts we cannot have more than 25 kids at a time and our practice sessions are limited to 90 minutes. Therefore, we will have two separate 90-minute sessions. It is imperative that I have everyone’s information that will be trying out for the Varsity teams. If you/your son are not listed below, email me immediately. As soon as DPS announces that they have approved tennis, I will send out the separate group schedules for our first day of tryouts – 8/10. The groups may change based on how tryouts go on a certain day, and that will be communicated at the conclusion of tryouts each day.

Louie Salfi, Jack Darre, Chase Burke, Mason Heimel, Ryan Pool, Alexander Meeter, Diego Garci-Gallo, Niko Huang (will tryout week of 8/17), Zach Gordon, Gavin Wehrle, William Grawemeyer, Robert Grawemeyer, Will Thomas, Cole Protass, Isaac Stilwell, Henry Kresl, Conlan Flannigan (only here 8/10 and 8/11), Jasper Kurtz (will tryout week of 8/17), Leo Kamin, William Rohnstock, James Cobb, John Abbott, Noel Freedman, Reid McCarty, Max Birner, Clifford Brown, Max Johnson.

As always, thank you for your support and grace during these challenging times. Please know that I am doing everything in my power to have this season be as positive an experience as possible.
Tyler Zappia