East Angel Tennis News - Update

East High Boys’ Tennis
Week of September 2, 2019

Hello Angels, Lots of tennis this week so please read closely. If you’re not on the list for one of the matches it means that you will neither practice nor play that day.

If you cannot play on the day you are scheduled you must find a substitute. Pleeeeeeeaaaasssse! If you ordered a shirt I will hand them out tomorrow. If you did not order one please make sure to come to your match in something red/white.

Also, Coach Brain Emeson will be helping with practice a couple days a week for the remainder of the season. He and I have worked together with the girls’ team for the last six years.

If I’ve missed something let me know. Coach MacDonald

Tuesday, September 4th:

Read closely!! If you normally come to practice at 3:15, you do not have practice. If you come to practice normally at 4:15pm, I need you there at 3:15 tomorrow. V1 practice is still at 4:15.

Wednesday, September 5th:

Match for the following athletes at Cherry Creek High School. There will be a bus that leaves East at 2:30. All athletes will be dismissed from class at 2:15. Riding the bus is mandatory. If you don’t see your name you have the day off. There is also a JV match at City Park. Make sure you know where you’re going.

V1- (Cherry Creek)Louie Salfie, Jack Darre, Wesley Leach, Jack Abbey, Barry Dechtman, George Weaver, Will Franks, Mason Heimel, Quinton Wolf, Ryan Pool, Diego Garcia-Gallo

JV-(Cherry Creek)William Grawmeyer, Murphy MacDonald, Zach Gordon, Henry Kresl, Will Thomas, Max Johnson, Arnov Kanicoal, Jack Barclay, Isaac Stillwell, Conlan Flanigan, James Cobb, Quinn Hutchinson, Dylan McCaleb, Oliver Gottesfeld, Brody Reese,

JV vs GW @ City Park—Coach Topf, the head coach of the girls’ team, will be there to run things for the match.

The following athletes need to be at City Park, dressed and ready to go by 3:15: Mack Coffman, Knox Leonard, Nick Stromberg, Noah Maris, Miles Metcalf, Charlie Sekai, Ben Hill, Ashton Granger, Oliver Snidow, Ben Hamik, William Sessions, William Alvarez, Jack Antonson, Sebastian Andrews, Seb Chambers, Ben Herlinger, Vaughn Vial, Jon Ro, Sam Ramirez, Teddy O’Brien, Jan Camr, Sam Cohen, Jack Redfield

Thursday, September 5th:

V1—Leaving at noon for Grand Junction to play in the Grand Junction Invitational at Mesa University. We will return on Saturday night.

V2—vs TJ @ City Park. The following athletes need to be at City Park by 3:15: Clay Rasmussen, Alec Bierman, Sebastian Andrews, Gavin Wehrle, John Brock, Leo Kamin, Hansy Witt, Schuyler Benes, Cole Protass, Niko Huang-Malin, Michael Galinveaux
Remember V2 is not a set entity.

JV—(vs TJ @ City Park) Solomon Mejia, Grant Austin, Harrison Martin, Wesley Naake, Jasper Kuntz, Clifford Brown, Gavin Stiles, Adam Sessions, Bryan Ackley, Graham Friedman, Cooper Fallon, Nathanial Day, John Drumm, Reid Hartman-Teske,

Friday, September 6th: