East Angel Tennis News - Update

Hello Angels,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Varsity had a great win over Coronado High School on Saturday, 7-0. Fun to watch and a great day for tennis. Here is the schedule for the week. Let me know if something doesn’t make sense. It’s highly possible and I apologize.

Monday: Practice for everyone. Please note that practices are staggered now to accommodate our large numbers.

Graham Friedman, Conlan Flannigan, John Drumm, Nathanial Day, Mack Coffman, John Ro, Lamar Philmen, Teddy O’Brien, Wesley Naake, Harrison Martin, Dylan McCaleb, Noah Maris, Knox Leonard, Jasper Kuntz, Ben Herlinger, Reid Hartman-Teske, Charlie Sekai, Adam Sessions, Gavin Styles, , Ashton Granger, Sam Cohen, Jack Redfield, Nicholas Stromberg, Vaughn Vial, Jan Camr, Bryan Ackley, William Alvarez, Cooper Fallon, Sebastian Chambers, Miles Metcalf, Harrison Martin, Quinn Hutchinson, William Sessions Sebastian Chambers

V1/V2/JV---Louie Salfie, Jack Darre, Wesley Leach, Jack Abbey, Nico Gonzales, Mason Heimel, Will Franks, George Weaver, Quinton Wolf, Diego Garcia-Gallo, Ryan Pool, Barry Dechtman

Isaac Stillwell, William Thomas, Ben Hamik, Ben Hill, Gavin Wehrle, Johannes Witt, Grant Austin, Sebastian Andrews, Noah Garrett, Michael Golinveaux, Zach Gordon, James Cobb, Murphy MacDonald, Jack Barclay, Alec Bierman, Clay Rasmussen, Cole Protass, Brody Reese, Solomon Mejia, Alexander Meeter, Henry Kressel, Arnov Kancoal, Leo Kamin, Niko Huang-Malin, William Graemeyer, Oliver Gottesfeld, Schuyler Benes

Tuesday: Match

V1/JV match versus Cherry Creek @ City Park. All Athletes not listed have the day off. For the record, our V1 is playing Cherry Creek’s V2.

The following JV players need to be at City Park by 3:30:
Schuyler Benes, Gavin Wehrle, Cole Protas, Leo Kamin Zach Gordon, Noah Garrett, Brody Reese, James Cobb, Henry Kressel, Murphy MacDonald, Jack Barclay, Michael Galinveax, Niko Huang-Malin, William Graemeyer, Oliver Gottesfeld, Arnov Kancoal, Isaac Stillwell, Johannes Witt, Grant Austin, Quinn Hutchinson, Conlan Flannigan William Thomas and Ben Hill

Wednesday: See Monday’s practice schedule

Thursday: V2 match at West High School
JV match at City Park

*V2 vs West: Clay Rasmussen, Alec Bierman, Sebastian Andrews, Gavin Wehrle, Schuyler Benes, Cole Protas, Johannes Witt, Leo Kamin, Michael Galinveaux, Arnov Kancoal, Isaac Stillwell

JV vs Kent: Wesley Naake, Gavin Styles, Teddy O’Brien, Jon Ro, Noah Maris, Harrison Martin, Knox Leonard, Jasper Kuntz, John Drumm, Nathanial Day, Ben Herlinger, Reid Hartman-Teske

For those athletes going to West High School,there will be a bus that leaves East at the end of the school day, on the Detroit side(West) of the building. If you miss the bus you’ll need to find your own ride to West.
*V2 lineup is subject to change. I will let them know well before the match

Friday: V1 match versus Cheyenne Mountain. All other athletes have the day off.

Looking forward to great week of tennis.